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Tuesday 9 August 2011

What is a swede?

Ok so we have now begun the long journey....jumping the big hurdle...that is...we have started weaning my wee man. I know I have started a whole two weeks early before 6 months (even though if you go by weeks we are there) as we are off on holiday next week and I wanted to have established something before we left. Lets just say that I had no idea where to begin really as the most information I got was a rushed 10 minute chat from my health visitor and a small booklet to read as she only had enough change for 20 minutes to park her car (no comment!). Having moved address I have heard nothing of these famed weaning fairs and have not heard a peep from my new health visitor who was supposed to call 2 weeks ago (no comment). I couldn't wing it and decided we needed to follow some sort of plan (flexible plan!) and well Gina Ford is banned from this house so we got the ever famous Annabel Karmel. For no particular reason other than my son would probably not be very good at (though he is probably awfully close) picking up stuff and directing them to his mouth that we have not considered baby led weaning. Saying that that book is in the post as we are interested in learning about the philosophy and we are definitely going to be introducing finger foods and just let him get on with it. I think this is the first thing dealing with my son that I am trying desperately not to stress about. That was until one of Annabel's recipe ingredients was a swede...ok I know I have heard of it but I have never actually eaten it and was not sure what it looked like (I can't believe I have just admitted that!) We have a great Roots and Fruits Organic shop around the corner who were thankfully able to help me out. 'Oh! Yeah a turnip, I was just checking'.

So after that worry aside thankfully my son appears to be rather enjoying all this tasting food stuff. We have even had the occasion where he has taken the spoon out of my hand and decided to try this out for himself. We are making our way through lots of bibs and muslins and most things now have a certain orange tinge from the carrot and sweet potato. We are making do with using his bouncy chair but the high chair can't arrive soon enough. So he is eating better than his mummy and daddy at the moment! Of course he has a sweet tooth and things like apples, pears and bananas seem to just disappear. I actually scarily find myself enjoying this experience of introducing new foods, figuring out what he likes and doesn't, making the purees...and discovering swede aka the turnip.

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  1. OOh it's exciting. I found it really stressful the first time round, so it's good you sound relaxed about it all. He'll eat better that way. Annabel Karmel rocks for her recipes, I still consult her books most weeks. Let me know if you need any advice, but sounds like you're doing great xxx


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