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Sunday 9 September 2012

A Special Relationship

I felt really guilty leaving Italy, leaving the Nonni behind, separating my wee man from the really special relationship he has built with them. I guess every parent develops their own feelings for grandparents. They often can be a really useful help to a family happily sharing the care needs of their grandchildren. Grandparents are supposed to dote on and spoil their grandchildren. Trust me the wee man's Nonni are great at doing all of that. Hubby can't help but feel a little hard done by when he was a child as he does not remember getting away with half the things the wee man did. It is harder for them though being so far away. Skype makes things a lot easier because at least they can see him grow even if from a distance. Seeing them together this summer it has not just been about caring for, doting on or spoiling him though. Something a lot deeper runs through their relationship. So deep that its not fair to put it into words the only one I could really find was special.


  1. and it comes through in the photos I've just looked through! They really are doting, adoring, caring grandparents who never leave his side! What a lucky little boy he is!
    Now back home and you have to deal with the aftermath of him being spoiled all summer LOL!


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