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Wednesday 12 September 2012


The wee man is a man of few words but one he has learnt very well is no! actually it's "No, no, no,no!". If there is something he is after, something he wants to do, something he does not want to stop doing, if you interfere you get a very firm no. If you continue to tell him no you get lots of no's and probably some screaming. If you insist he can't have or do it then there are the tears. I believe these are generally described as tantrums.  They can often be a bit hard to bear and my response to them depending on the situation varies. 

I have had a conversation with my mum previously about children and tantrums. She was describing a tantrum by a young child at Church who could not have her way and my mother was a bit surprised at her determination and the mother's determination to ignore it. I said well every child has tantrums. Then she said....myself or my sisters never had tantrums when we were small! Seriously? I think she may have forgotten surely. 

The thing is I don't mind that my wee man has tantrums. Over all he is a really good boy, happy and easy going. So when he is having one he is showing his independence, determination and will power which to me must be in some ways a good thing. I don't want him to feel scared to show his emotions because in the end that's what tantrums are right? A means of expression for a young boy that does not have the maturity just yet to know how to properly express the anger and frustrations. That means mind you when he gets older the tantrums will be less tolerated!

What do you think about tantrums? 


  1. I hate tantrums, but that's only because I worry my sons will hurt themselves when they kick off! They're normal and inevitable though and I agree that it's important that the little monsters are allowed to express themselves in the best way they know - no good ever comes from bottling it all up.

  2. My mum is always surprised at toddler tantrums too, maybe we too will block out the memories once they have passed...if they ever pass that is!


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