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Saturday 22 September 2012


In the early hours of this morning my Grandma passed away. I think it is safe to say that at 102 she has lived her life to the fullest. Though needing 24 hour support while living with my aunt she still had all her faculties.  I know though that she was tired and ready to go but you can't ever prepare for someone's passing really and we are all sad in our hearts at this moment. My mum is part of a big family and as she says my Grandma was the thread that kept us all together. I am so proud that my wee man was able to meet her last Christmas. He is one of a lot of great grandchildren! I remember the afternoon well. He was a bit wary to go to her at first and she was not surprised as she explained most of the young ones are too scared to go to her as she is so old. We all sat on the balcony chatting and relaxing and then the wee man chose his moment and went and sat on her knee. He sat there so quietly smiling at her playing with his toys like he knew he had to treat her maybe a bit more gently than he would his mum or dad. It sure did sweet her and she loved that I sent her a copy of a picture of the two of them together "her baby".

Lots of families have generations and history with stories to tell. I want my wee man to know where he comes from. He might have been born in Glasgow but he has family in Italy and Jamaica. We have lots of photos and recently he has taken a liking to looking at them pointing at the faces while we explain who they are. It is so important because so much of his extended family are far away and he only gets to see them in person maybe once a year.

We have now printed off hundreds of photos and made a little album. So we point and look together and share and laugh so he knows a little of where he comes from and of great women like Great Grandma.

I'm joining in with Sticky Fingers: The Gallery where the theme is old


  1. Wonderful post, a beautiful tribute.

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  2. These are truly beautiful images... the joining of generations.


  3. A beautiful post, I have loved reading about everyones grandma's it really is inspirational XX

    1. Thanks she really was an inspiration and I was overjoyed my wee man got to meet her before she passed away x


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