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Monday 3 September 2012

A little bit of Tuscany

On visits to Italy I have often seen the neighbours taking care of their grandchildren for a week or two while the parents go away on their holiday. I always said to hubby that I don't think that would be my thing as I would want to take my baby with me. The first months with my wee man it certainly felt that way. I would have serious separation anxiety for one night much less even think of a few days much less weeks. As he has grown I have learnt to let him go. Only a little mind you as I still miss him like crazy when we are apart. This summer we decided a few nights away without the wee man would do me and hubby some good. I was admittedly very happy about this and knew that he was in safe hands with the nonni. So off we went.

The itinerary included leaving early on Tuesday morning, we stopped in San Gimignano, Volterra and then Siena where we were spending two nights. We stayed at a lovely hotel called Santa Caterina, very close to town but at the same time with beautiful views of the Tuscany countryside. Visiting Tuscany is not just about the sights and scenery but the food and wine! That night we ate at La Taverna S. Guiseppe which did not disappoint and reached much higher standards than I was expecting. We ate and drank so well that even our hosts where so impressed they gave us a lovely bottle of wine at the end as a favour for our visit! 

We spent the next day in beautiful Siena enjoying the sights and of course more food and more wine!

Our third day we travelled to Monteriggioni, Pienza and Montepulciano before heading home.

It was not just good for us to get away and have a break but I know for my wee man too who had a blast with his Nonni being spoilt rotten without us. Not only was he out and about all the time but I came back to a new wee man with a crew cut!


  1. that sounds like the best medicine ever, I'm so pleased you got a real, true break!
    Something I could do with one day! I also used to think I could never be apart from them when they were very little, now I beg people to take them!!

    1. It was! To any parent who is wary of time away from there babies I would definitely recommend it!


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