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Monday 17 December 2012

I am the music man

"I am the music man and I come from down your way and I can play!"

"What can you play?"

My wee man has always loved music. Dancing to it, singing along to it and playing the instruments. We have always noticed this love of music by watching him play with his toys or while at your usual bounce and rhymes and bookbug classes. He was a very avid and loud drummer! When he started learning the words to the songs he was suddenly keeping the time to the music if you sang along while he played. I still am pretty impressed with this!

"I play the piano!"

"Pia-pia-pia-no, pia-no, pia-no; pia-pia-pia-no, pia-pia-no"

Only recently he has had a few goes with the real things. Whenever he sees them they are like magnets and he has to have a go. What is pretty impressive about it all is that he appears to instinctively know how he should do it. When you listen it could easily pass for some sort of avant garde jazz piece. Honestly even friends have commented on it. So I could have a natural on my hands. Something else to add to my "What is my son going to be in the future?" list! 

Now I just have to choose an instrument! Anyone know how early you can start?


  1. Wow you have a very musical house. He looks like he's loving all of them. That drum looks very very loud though :)

    1. We have to hide that drum in the early mornings! The other "real" instruments are actually ones we have seen while out and about.

  2. Oh bless him he looks like he loves it! Scamp is the same and can often be found rattling the tambourine whilst Papasaurus plays guitar and we all sing the Wheels on the Bus.
    Crikey that makes us sound like the Von Trapps doesn't it?!

    Gourgous photos x

    1. Thanks about the photos...I do try. He does love his music! What's wrong with being like the Von Trapps? Lol x


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