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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Pressing pause

Okay someone please tell me where the pause button is. It's like when the wee man was born, he popped out and I could not find the instruction manual. Things have been moving so fast. I feel like I have been walking along in slow motion and everything is just racing by around me. Christmas is next week, someone please press the pause button.

Never mind that my wee man has gone from this
(crawling, size four shoe, no words, cheeky monkey)

to this
(walking and running toddler, size six shoe, Mr Chatterbox, cheeky monkey)

This year has been tumultuous to say the least. I needed a lot of rejuvenation after a difficult start to the year. Then somehow a rhythm was found and the time just ticked away. It took a pretty big conk over the head yesterday to realise that Whoa!  I need to stop and take stock. What has happened this year? Where am I going next year? I need to breath and find the positives and try and learn from all the negatives. It's kind of like suddenly remembering it's not just about presents under the tree and Santa, it's about family and for me celebrating the birth of Jesus. I can't press pause so I'm just going to borrow five minutes.

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