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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Puddles, Stones, Leaves and Ice but no Bears!

We took the Nonni along one of our favourite walks by Loch Venachar near Callander. Every time we go the wee man experiences it a little differently. A sign of how he is growing. We started with muddy puddles. We found different stones along the way and one thing we enjoy doing is throwing them in the water. It seems the bigger the stone the greater is the wee man's joy. There was remnants of snow and ice and the wee man enjoyed having a closer look, brrr. Next best thing to stones and sticks seems to be leaves and he enjoyed collecting as many as he could before throwing them in the Loch. As hard as we tried though we could not find any bears in the woods! 


  1. I love how all toddlers are drawn to puddles and standing slap bang in the middle of them :) really lovely photos. Looks like a massive adventure of different discoveries

    1. He was jumping up and down in it as well! I blame peppa pig for that :) It was a great walk.


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