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Thursday 12 September 2013

I don't mind armbands

So I sent my wee man to the water babies "swim lessons" from he was 10 weeks. I had dreams of a future Olympic swimmer. Admittedly I still have dreams of a future Olympic swimmer. I think all the secret dreams I have for my son could be a blog post all on it's own....but I digress...

With work commitments and expenses water babies was well abandoned. He kept up his swimming with his Daddy on a Friday which he enjoyed. Then when mummy had more time on her hands again I found a great class at Scotstoun Leisure Centre. It felt like a well organised proper lesson with well armbands. I'll be honest. I loved water babies. I think confidence in the water is great. I have  personally though never thought of it as learning to swim but more about being confident and being safe in the water. 

The wee man is not overly keen on being dunked under the water anymore but he loves spending time in it none the less. As his awareness grew his grip on to me actually got tighter and I wondered if a time would come when he would actually let go. He is good at doing the lessons though and loves using the kick board and chasing after the balls and jumping into the water. Our teacher actually recommended specific armbands for him which were better for buoyancy and I think personally they worked a treat.  

Now this summer has been a real treat. Overall he is pretty keen on doing most things himself and suddenly swimming seemed to be one of them. We went to the pool while on holiday and he just suddenly decided to let go. He was off kicking away. I am hoping like letting go one day we will be taking off the armbands.

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  1. Anita started swimming lessons recently too. She loves them and it's great to see her confidence grow each time!

  2. Such an important skill to teach them! I can tell they are in an Italian pool there from the hats!! :)

  3. I love his little swimming hat ;0) This is fantastic, do they move you onto a woggle next? I think getting the confidence in the water is the most important part. Well done little man.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  4. Oh Wow it looks like he is doing so well. I took Mads to swimming lessons from 8 weeks but we stopped after a few months. Recently she has started to get a bit fearful of the water so we really need to start going again. x

  5. This may a silly question, but why is everyone wearing swim caps? No-one here wears them unless they're competing.


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