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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Summer growth

It's like you showed us this great big ball of yellow in the sky so we had to do so much to compare with it. We were always building up to this and then well we just all burst open together. 

We had longer days to spend time together and we stripped down to the barest minimals to enjoy your warmth. We basked in new salty smells and sandy textures. We managed to get our feet wet in the sea.

There was strawberry flavors coated in sugary sweetness. Chocolatey ice cream flavors to cool us down in your glorious heat. Picnics, lots of picnics. You gave us time, lots of time together as a family. You gave us space to let our imaginations grow. We know our favorite stories by heart.

You have taught us to be bolder and we have practiced and learnt new skills.


Summer you were pretty no holds barred.

I'm joining in with Older Mum (In A Muddle) and her beautiful seasonal linky One Week. A few words and photographs reflecting our experience of Summer 2013.

one week


  1. Beautiful photos. It has been a really lovely summer hasn't it?

  2. What a lovely post and such a wonderful story told through your words and photographs. So glad you had such a good summer! X. (thank you for linking up).

  3. How gorgeous Sabrina, your wee man is really growing. I love the picture of him copying daddy splashing in the sea, what a great picture of your 2 men and the picture of his wee smiley face swimming is just adorable x


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