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Monday 24 March 2014


On Sunday we headed to New Lanark, a World Heritage site which is the gateway to the Falls of Clyde. We were looking for family time, fresh air, a walk, and a place where we could relax and somehow this seemed to fit the bill. It fit the bill perfectly actually. 

The wee man is still at that stage where he loves to walk and explore but is only willing to let his legs carry him so far before he is asking for support. That and the fact that he can turn a 20 minute walk into an hour we carried along our back carrier (well Daddy did) and it did come in handy for the steeper bits. There are 3 waterfalls along the Clyde walkway and our aim was to get to the second one, Corra Lin. The path slowly makes it way to a board walk along the River Clyde which was great for my wee man who felt close to the water and the trees. 

You then pass the Bonnington Power Station where the walk gets slightly steeper with stairs but still very manageable. Before we knew it we were enjoying beautiful views of the Corra Lin. The water was heavy probably due to recent rains so we had a good show.

It's the time of year to spot the Peregrine Falcon so we continued along the path to see if we could spot any up close. I was taken aback if I'm honest when I looked through a telescope and there he was resting on a rock ledge across the river. It's at moments like these I would appreciate one of those fancy zoom lenses! It was a nice sight to see and exciting for the wee man who reminded us that we needed to be quiet.

We quickly made our way back down to enjoy a lovely picnic by a little stream running into the river. There was of course lots of fun throwing stones, jumping stones to get across the stream and general running about. I was rather pleased when the wee man picked me a flower too!

We were feeling a tad chilly so we slowly made our way to the cafe where we treated ourselves to coffee, hot chocolate and cake!


  1. What a gorgeous place for a walk, it looks amazing! I do like that last pic especially, looks like a very well deserved hot drink to me! :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful place and I love your son's woolly hat. :)

  3. sounds like a perfect day! You've inspired me to post more about the place where we live, we have some beautiful places too! But sadly what's missing are the caf├ęs with hot drinks and cake!!


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