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Friday 21 March 2014

Honking across the Forth Road Bridge

Today we contributed to something special. We walked (okay maybe the wee man was carried for most of it!) across the Forth Road Bridge as part of the Team Honk Relay. A relay by a group of bloggers, volunteers and their families getting a baton from Lands End to John O Groats. It started on the 12th January and the mighty baton finally arrived in Scotland on Wednesday. 

We met with the lovely Ellen Arnison, Sally Arnison and Sarah Jane Skellern to do our own little part all dressed in tartan I might add. We were blessed with sunshine but the heavy winds still made it feel a tad chilly. I think the wee man felt he was going to be blown away and at times that looked like a slight possibility! Thankfully the beautiful views were distracting enough for us to enjoy ourselves somewhat. The wee man enjoyed watching the trains crossing their bridge and seeing the boats in the water. Thankfully there were no trolls as we tripped trapped over the bridge. After all our hard work we enjoyed a well deserved treat of sausages and chips.

A special thank you to all our friends and family that have sponsored us for such a special cause. There is still time to sponsor us for Sports Relief here and if you question why remember....
  • £1 could provide a hot meal for a child in the UK living in extreme poverty.
  • £5 could pay for a mosquito net to protect a mother and her baby in Africa from contracting malaria while they sleep.
  • £10 could enable an older person in the UK who just lost someone they love to attend a group activity.
  • £25 could run a sports session for disabled children in the  UK giving them a chance to play with other young people.
  • £100 could feed 200 children living on the streets in India for one day.
  • £300 could provide a water point in the slums of Tanzania, giving hundreds of families access to safe, clean water.
  • £500 could provide six months of support for a young person in the UK with mental health issues.

Tomorrow the baton heads down the River Tay white water rafting! Good luck to everyone taking part!


  1. Such amazing photos and well done, it is so brilliant to be a part of Team Honk and it looks like you enjoyed your stint.

  2. Fantastic, what fab photos - and well done you! x

  3. Honk, Honk - well done for taking part in raising money for such a worthy cause! Great photos from your leg of the journey. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Brilliant photos of a memorable day. Lovely to meet you. x

  5. Fabulous photo's. Well done taking part in such a fab relay!

  6. Well done you! I would have so loved to have joined you, if we were still in Edinburgh I'd have been there with bells on! Great photos of your day x #CountryKids

  7. Well done - the photos of the bridge are stunning too.

  8. Oh wow! Love this. Love the tartan. That closed lane, was it especially for you guys? HONK well done. Liska xx


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