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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Winter strength

The starkness of your light laid bare the changes to our life. Daddy was now away several days of the week and it took us a few weeks to get used to. Overwhelmed myself with work we felt the dark and the cold. We raced into the festive season that you bring and welcomed with open arms the break.

Your short days and dark afternoons challenged us. We had to think differently about our time together. It opened our eyes to how much our wee man had grown. There he was using his imagination, as an artist, master cutter,a story teller, a music maker, the baker man. 

The big fat raindrops that you brought us have only made us braver. Whenever he could he would be seen zooming on his smart red bike. Jumping higher, splashing harder. Then one day we discovered snow, to throw, to build and well suddenly you did not seem so stark and grey and bad.

It will always be with you that my wee man marks another year. A time to push new boundaries sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse. You give us that time to find a new balance. Slowly your days grow longer again and you make way for something new and fresh.

What can I say Winter you are the season that makes us stronger.

I'm joining in with Older Mum (In A Muddle) and her beautiful seasonal linky One Week. A few words and photographs reflecting our experience of Winter 2013/14

one week


  1. Such cute pics! Lovely to hear of your triumph over winter.

  2. Love this! That last sentence is just perfect. Beautiful photos of your gorgeous boy, so glad you found some snow :)

  3. What a beautiful post; words and pictures. Winter has been very strange this year - I'm glad you got some snow though... winter wouldn't be winter without the white slushy stuff. Still, it could all change... Love the picture of the cake making. Also, Younger Dad is away five days of the week as well - it's hard work isn't it? Thank very much for linking up! X

  4. Gorgeous post. Funny old winter, I am not sorry to see the back of this one- tho what's the betting we get snow in June now!

  5. Wow what a beautiful post, love it. The words and the pictures. What a wonderful read :)

  6. Oh my god this post has quite literally blown me away. So poetic and full of emotion. I just simply love it and other than that don't really know what to say xxx

  7. Love this post! Beautifully written and gorgeous photos! x


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