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Tuesday 6 September 2011

It's not a small world after all

So my son got a new toy while we are here in Italy and when you pull the string it plays the tune It's a small world after all. He loves it...mummy not so much though as the music lasts all of two seconds and you have to pull the string again before my son starts giving me dirty looks. The theme of said song is given away in the title that we have so much in common we must recognise that it's a small a world after all. I really used to be a true believer in such a statement...until I had a child....after two seconds the world don't seem so small any more. 

I try my best not to become frustrated at the different beliefs, ideas, morals, ethics about how to raise my son. My son has a very multicultural background with a Jamaican mum and an Italian father which only makes matters more difficult when it comes to recieving 'advice'. Here in Italy women faithfully follow what their pedeatricians tell them (which in itself can be different advice when you speak to the different mums) while in the UK women blatantly lie in the face of the health visitor (again offering different advice when you speak with different mums) while they carry on doing their own things. They don't have Gina Ford or Annabel Karmel in Italy and Jamaica. My sister is a pedeatrician and often scoffs at the advice I have been given in the UK, tells me to worry less about their rules and just do something else completely different. 

When my son decides to do things differently I am told every baby is different. In the end he depends so much on me but I have to put a lot of trust in him that he will show me some of the way.

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