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Saturday 13 August 2011


I don't want to be just a woman any more and I don't just want to be a mum any more...I want to be "Supermum"! I don't want any old boring powers either!
Certain physical powers would be useful like having more than just two hands to help with all the multi tasking I have to do. I also live on the second floor of my building which does not have a lift and just stairs everywhere you look! Then of course eyes in the back of my head so I am always able to know what my son is doing. Also the ability to be two places at once so when I am desperate to pee I don't have to be shouting to my crying son that "Mummy is still here honey, stop crying, it's okay" (he's been a bit like that lately, not wanting me to leave the room).
Then we have the more serious powers that I am interested in..........
The power to be patient....my son is nearly 6 months and I can see the cheeky and stubborn side already, or as my aunt says "I can see he has got character." I am already fighting with him to drink his milk (I am really starting to hate guidelines now which say how much, when and for how long...because if baby does not want to do it how exactly am I to make him) and trying not to get worried or the worst feeling frustrated. 
The power of understanding......to know what is exactly right for my son...having just reserved a place for my son at nursery I am petrified that it is not the right one. As much mother's instinct as I have it's a decision I hated having to make on my own. I know as he grows I am going to have to let him make some decisions for himself...it's knowing which battles to fight and when to give in.
 and then secretly...the power to read his mind......what's going on in there? He is growing and developing so fast that I am sure his mind is working overtime. 
"Supermum" wants to be there to help him figure it all out.

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  1. ooh when you find these powers can you share?!!
    Don't fret over the milk intake, you can top up with yogurts and cheese now. Max was the same once he was on formula and now on cows milk, he doesn't drink half as much as Laila did or even still does!


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