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Friday 24 August 2012

A real boy

I know that my wee boy was never wooden and he has always been real. Trust me there has been enough tears, pooing and sleepless nights to realise that. We have now reached 18 months though and somehow he is not a baby any more. Okay so he will always be MY baby but I think you know what I mean. If you are a parent you probably definitely know what I mean. It's not just what he is doing but how he is doing it. My wee man is proper asserting his independence now. As he toddles around I wonder where all his baby features have gone. He has his own little ways and loves that we find ourselves copying even when we probably should be discouraging. We have to be careful ourselves now as well as everything we do he has suddenly found very interesting and sometimes he just has to try it himself as well. These are exciting times!


  1. The addage that bears so much repeating because of it's simple and profound truth comes to mind: They grow so fast!

    The changes in their face and body makes it seem so much more real, to me. Now that your wee man is looking and acting like a toddler, you are aware of entering into a different phase. It's really quite amazing, isn't it?

    With my own first born rapidly approaching 9 (less than a month!) and her language, body language and capacity are noticably 'older' i feel flummoxed at the disappearance of my 'baby'.

    It is joy with a tinge of sorrow. Keep writing, it helps cement the memories in your mind.

  2. You're heading into my fave part of parenthood now. If I could have skipped the 1st year altogether I wouldn't have been upset. I don't at all miss the sleepless nights or the bottles or carrying them everywhere. I've really enjoyed them so much more once they past their 1st birthdays. Can't wait to see what your little guy gets up to.


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