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Sunday 12 August 2012

Who's the doctor?

So the wee man is on the mend and what a difference it makes. Finally he is smiling and playing and nearly like his self again. During this illness it's amazing though how everyone has an opinion. Everyone had there own idea of what he may have. 
The nonni have previous experiences of illness of course. As soon as the red rash appeared the word morbillo/measles began floating around. Even I found myself checking Google because I wanted to play the part of doctor as well. Just in case you are wondering that is not a good idea.While I was phoning my sister, nonna was phoning her sister who has studied some medicine. I always trust my sister and whatever she prescribes I follow as you always get better. She said not to worry and continue what I was doing so I did. We should all have a doctor in the family. 
I guess though all mummy doctor wants is for the wee man to get better whatever the prescription!


  1. Glad he's on the mend! It's awful when they are unwell! x

    1. Oh the hardest bit was the tears! Nothing sometimes seemed to comfort him until eventually he fell asleep. So glad to have my cheeky wee man back!


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