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Sunday 5 August 2012

A new beginning

So I have started playing the proper role of stay at home mum. I was actually a bit nervous about it all and I'm not sure why. Recently I have been spending every Friday with the wee man and of course we have the weekends. I guess now it's not just about forward thinking to that one day of the week but planning for everyday of the week which is a whole lot different. It has been going great though and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. It's special to know that you are really not missing out on anything. It also adds a bit of pressure that you want to make sure each part of every single day is filled with something to do but that I am sure will pass. Hooray to great new beginnings.

I do though have to let you in on a secret. Today I am busy packing for a whole 4 week stay in Italy with the nonni so I am kind of cheating on the proper role of stay at home mum. This is proper rebooting of my battery time though. A part of my journey that I really need to go on still. Nonna asked me what my plans for the holdiay were and well I said sleeping, doing a bit of reading, getting some sun. The wee man will be way too busy with the nonni to worry about mummy! The first ten days is without the hubby, my Italian is pretty crap and the nonni speak no English. There will be a lot of figuring out and sign language going on and thankfully we have the wee man as a distraction. If you don't see a lot of blogging going on hopefully you will understand why. 

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