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Wednesday 15 August 2012

On yer bike!

So before Nonno officially became Nonno he has always dreamed of the day when he would get to take the wee man for a ride on his bike. Nonno is an avid cyclist you see and it is something he really wanted to share with his grandson. It was such a big dream that I was really scared the wee man was not going to enjoy it. Before arriving in Italy Nonno got his bike all prepared. We had a practice run with no issues and then they were off. When they came back it was still all smiles and I think it will be long while that Nonno will retell this tale of when my wee man went for his first ride with his Nonno on his bike. In Nonna's words "Nonno is the happiest man in the world".

I'm linking up with the Crumby Mummy Fun Photo Fun


  1. How lovely! Gorgeous photos! They both look very happy. Thanks for linking up! x

  2. Heartwarming story and last sentence!

    1. It's great that they can share this special thing together!

  3. that's lovely! My two loved their bike seat at the front too, I bet Nonna got a running commentary of everything he could see!


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