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Thursday 31 January 2013

I'm Floating

My wee man has always been something of a water baby. I have secretly had high hopes for him and had him in swimming classes from a very young age. He appeared to love it from the start and did not have much fear when it came to the water so I remained hopeful. As he grew older and more aware of himself and his environment things changed slightly. Still my water baby he appeared to have a fear of floating in the depths (he does wear armbands and ok the water is not that deep) and was only comfortable when his feet could touch the floor.
It's amazing though watching that fear appear to slowly slip away. He does need to get comfortable with the environment so more than one visit helps and in his own time he slowly gets more comfortable in the actual water. I should not be surprised as that is my wee man's personality really "I will do it when I am ready".
So when we went with Nana to the pool for the second time here in Jamaica I was not surprised that he was a bit more willing to actually play in the water. Moving from the top step to the bottom! Walking around on his hands saying choo choo. Then Nana asks me what's he saying. It was only from watchin him that we figured it out. "I'm floating". The legs came first and then he experimented with the hands.
Slowly but surely my wee man will get there! Maybe mummy's hopes are not dead in the water just yet!

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  1. Oh bless him. He looks like he's having such a lovely time. My little man is a water baby too, but we are yet to take the little miss swimming, maybe we need to try it soon. X


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