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Wednesday 23 January 2013

Fun in Nana's Garden

Jamaica: Lots of fun in Nana's Garden





  1. This is cruel and unusual punishment. Is there a way we can ensure blog posts like these are not sent to those sitting in snowy, slushy and grey Britain?

    (Have a fabulous time, but PLEASE don't post pictures of you playing in the sea and sand. I might have to slit my wrists if you did. You were warned! :D)

  2. Gorgeous photos!!! Love the ones with the watering can! You are making me very jealous! Hope you are having a wonderful time! Thanks for linking up! x

  3. So nice to see sunny photos and smiles as opposed to snowy ones with cold noses whilst the UK still has snow!

  4. Agree with the first comment, this is cruelty you know! Have lots of fun and love to your mum and dad xxx

  5. I third the 1st comment :-)
    Have enough fun for all of us. The high temp has been below freezing all week here. Ugh!


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