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Wednesday 2 January 2013

No mummy, No Daddy, It's mine!

So I got my 22 month old e-mail update from Baby Centre and the first sentence reads  "Strong opinions and rigidity are hallmarks of toddlerhood." Like no kidding! He quite firmly tells us "No mummy" or "No Daddy", "é mio!" (It's mine) pretty much all the time. Not only is it all his, he wants to do everything by and for himself. 

I've been told to choose my battles when it comes to reasoning with your child but damn I did not realise I had to start when he was so young. You think that self-determination and confidence is a good thing. It is but it is also admittedly a bit frustrating having to watch it play out. Come on mummies and daddies, you know what I mean. They are busy playing with their toys but they don't do it properly. The torn books, the stickers stuck upside down, the paint that goes everywhere except on the paper.

Sometimes the wee man gets frustrated when it is not working out properly, so you try to help, HA! it was better to just leave him to it. The wee man has always been a bit of a character but boy has it grown!


  1. Oh boy, I know exactly what this is like! I found Max was more like this than Laila, she would accept help. But then men are the same, they never ask for directions, it's the same thing and starts very very young!

  2. Toddlers definitely get really sure of themselves all of a sudden don't they? I think my little man is pretty tame compared to a lot, but my gosh does he know what he wants..... and what he doesn't want. Good job they're so cute really, but it does make it harder to put them in their place sometimes. X


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