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Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Country Kids Special

So here we are on holiday in Jamaica visiting the Grandparents. The wee man is absolutely in love with Nana's garden and so we don't have to go far to entertain him. Who can blame him really it's a magical sensory world out there with flowers, water, tinkly chimes and lots of space for football and catch. Grandad has his space in the garden when it comes to taking care of the animals. The wee man had his chance to help out yesterday on our version of the "morning feed". Food is sprinkled for the fish, fresh water is put out for the bird bath and the bird feeder is filled. It was a special moment for me to watch the wee man helping his Grandad!


I am having problems displaying the badge but please go and check out Country Kids from Coombe Mill. Getting kids out and about whatever the weather!


  1. What a magical play it looks to explore

  2. I love gardens like this, so magical. And there's something really heartwarming about seeing the older generation with the younger ones isn't there?

    Popping over from Country Kids

  3. How happy Granddad must be to have you all there. He looks delighted to be taking your wee man round his morning feed for the birds. Lovely to see the bight summery colours we don't have in England right now too! Enjoy the rest of your visit and thank you for linking up to Country Kids from across the world!

  4. This looks exciting. Grandad looks like he enjoyed having his helpers :) x

  5. That looks fab, Granddads do love doing that sort of thing don't they?

  6. I can feel the warmth coming out of page. Lovely to see the generations together.

  7. I love how Granddad is holding onto Wee Man's shirt in the back to prevent him from falling into the fish pond.

    1. Teehee I was wondering if anyone would notice!


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