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Thursday 24 January 2013


You wait and wait for the first word and then suddenly it happens. As a parent it is a very proud moment, a biggy development wise. Another sign that everything is going to be okay and maybe I am not that bad a parent.  I remember when I could tell people in conversation what words the wee man was saying. He would have the longest conversation with you but you could only clearly make out one word if you were lucky. What was he on about?

Now everyday he is coming out with new words, stringing words together into proper sentences. I just can't help but wonder where it is coming from. I think it is the way they just come out as well at the appropriate times. After changing his nappy he ran to his daddy and shouted "Ecco lo qua". He has always said moon and then while walking home from nursery looking at the sunset he said "Sun...sun in sky". We arrive safely home in the car just yesterday and he claps his hands and shouts "Arrivati".

Of course you have to be very careful what you say now as he appears to understand everything! He is very good at picking up our favourite expressions. He is now saying "Oh dear" about everything just like his grandad. He comes out with these big sighs sometimes and unfortunately he probably gets that from his mother. He is choosing to say certain words and expressions in Italian but he definitely understands when I say them in English. It's all happening so quickly I am not sure how to keep up!

Watching your child develop is just crazy beautiful!

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  1. Awwww x we have had a few words but I'm waiting for them to become clearer and form into sentences now ;) it's amazing how much they understand too isn't' it!? one has her own entire gobble-dee-gook language which is fairly hilarious! p.s. every post you put up is making me feel even colder. lol


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