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Saturday 4 October 2014

My little kicker

Bump at 21 weeks

The second pregnancy will always be different from the first. I got bigger a lot quicker. I'm a lot more tired having to also take care of a 3 year old. I also started to feel flutters from as early as 15 weeks. The flutters have only gotten stronger and stronger. This is one busy baby....seriously! I can't sit quietly for 5 minutes! When I went for my 20 week scan I got confirmation of the action. The baby just never stopped moving and I almost had to go back to get all the necessary measurements. Thankfully a quick pee (from baby too supposedly) sorted that out. Obviously there is genuine joy in feeling all the movement and nothing like a tummy rub to do some bonding with baby. 


  1. Congratulations again. You look so well.My second pregnancy was a nightmare, I felt so ill and so tired but I also felt the movement from very early. She didn't like the car. It was before the 12 week scan, just little taps. Looking forward to reading about your new journey x x x

  2. Look at that gorgeous bump! You're looking great! And it's so lovely baby is moving so much :o). X


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