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Thursday 2 October 2014

The Climber

Since turning 3 the wee man has enjoyed facing challenges and pushing limits. It makes my heart race and often I have to hold myself back as I can see only the danger. He shows though a true love of adventure and there really is no holding him back. There is no wrapping up in cotton wool here even if I tried! 

So yeah that's my son always hanging upside down or looking for a tree to climb. Look mum I'm a monkey he'll chide. Walks are only interesting if he can go off the beaten track. It's an interest therefore I've decided to channel. We have joined our local mini climbing centre and attend a weekly class. It's the first time we've had proper enthusiasm about attending a class.

For the first time he actually went higher above me than I could reach. I was also a bad spotter and stood back to take some photos. Even better is that he came down all by himself. A real proud mummy moment! 


  1. What a great place you have to go to, a climbing centre, he's very lucky! I hate when Max goes too high out of my reach at the park!! Although I'm so short it wouldn't be much fun for him to stay at my height!

  2. It's amazing to see how much he's grown in the last year and how fearless he is with his climbing! X

  3. Wow, the climbing centre looks amazing. My monkey would love it there!

  4. That's brilliant, the confidence (and ability) is wonderful. Bit heart in mouth though :)


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