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Thursday 23 October 2014

Sheffield Botanical Garden in photos

I'm loving spying around everyone's beautiful photos of Autumn colour. It really makes our outings with the wee man a bit more special Autumn and we usually end with a collection of leaves and sticks and conkers. We have had variations in the weather from rain to sunshine. I recently took the opportunity of one of those days to enjoy the sunshine and colour and turn the camera on my other muse for a while. 



  1. Everything is so lovely! My fave photo is of the mushrooms! I am having a hard time photographing them so hats off =) #hdygg

  2. What a gorgeous set of photos, perfectly autumnal with a dash of fabulous colour! I do love autumn, although not quite so keen on the rain we've had for the last three days :)

  3. wow! even though it's transitioning to fall, there are still so many lovely colors!

  4. I do love the range of colours you get to see in autumn, all very pretty x

  5. What lovely photos. It is great how trips with a camera make you look on a different level.

  6. Looks a great place to visit and love that shot of those coneflowers!

  7. As Stephanie has said, the yellow coneflowers are beautiful. It looks like a great place!

  8. You are making me want to head north again!
    Lovely shots - the colours are deepening as Winter approaches - I love the raindrops on the orange leaves especially.
    I love the ray of light in the 4th photo down, makes me feel like I am there too.
    Apologies for the delay in visiting - we came back from our holiday on Friday and poor Kitty has had a temperature and barking cough ever since, poor thing- hence time online has been scarce.
    Thanks for joining in again xx


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