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Thursday 28 January 2010

Last orders at the bar please!

Is usually whats shouted at the end of the night in the UK as they ring the bell to 'politely' tell you to get out. It only takes about five minutes before the lights are suddenly shining brightly in your eyes and you are gruffly told in no uncertain times by the bouncer to finish up your beers and head outside. Never mind that I ordered my pint only five minutes ago and am forced to now down it in one sip.

So it only means that last night while at the pub I was only slightly shocked by the bartender politely informing all customers individually that they would be closing soon and if we wanted we would have to order our last beer in the next few minutes. 'Sure, thanks, but we are OK' I kind of respond in a rather dazed manner. Alberto and I instantly smile at each other, yes another positive difference between the UK and NZ to add to a running list!

Then just to top it off the bar begins to empty and we both still have another half pint to work our way through. We worry about getting kicked out as we greedily watch the live tennis on their TV. The bartender must have noticed because he tells us to take our time and finish our beers as they close up slowly around us.

Sweet as!

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