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Monday 18 January 2010

On loosing track

So it only took 3 blog posts for me to loose track of where I was going with this thing. So maybe I need more focus of what I want to do with this thing. I think what I want is to maybe talk about the things I love which mostly equals...food, travel and books. If I could spend my life doing these things without having to work life would be pretty good. I have been in Auckland, New Zealand now for about 3 months...damn make that nearly 4....and I do find myself actually doing these things a bit more. Work is just a casual thing to earn some money to support us travelling and maybe now and again pay the rent so I actually have the time to do these things more. I must admit though the environment here is a lot more conducive than the UK as well to enjoy my favourite things.


My interest in cooking and baking started when I was unemployed in Glasgow for 3 months with a lot of time on my hand and little money to head out and about which meant I was stuck at home. We still needed eat so I thought I would give it a go and not to brag it didn't taste all that bad. I have gotten braver in my choices as I go along but am still a strict recipe follower. I started enjoying dining out when I first met my husband and he had a great appreciation for food and checking out the local restaurants. I have found that food in Auckland whether the stuff you get from the supermarket or heading out to eat has been top quality. Even the chippy is worth a mention. I have enjoyed it so much so that I have actually bought a recipe book to work my way through! So the perfect opportunity presents itself to share this wonderful experience....


I never travelled. I come from a small island expensively far away from the rest of the world, Jamaica. When I arrived in Europe I suddenly realised how much there was to see and how ignorant I was about experiencing other cultures. Again my husband has been a huge influence and showing me his home country Italy (which there are still bits of I have not seen) was only the beginning of our travel adventures. Our adventure now is New Zealand and there is so much to see and do. A small country with a big itinerary gives me lots of experiences to share......



I have always loved reading since I was about 12 when I discovered Nancy Drew. When I started university again to do my Social Work degree 2 years ago it seemed the only thing I had time to read was a book about social work. I suddenly had a long list of books that I wanted to read. It was shocking to arrive in New Zealand and realise how expensive books were here. Thankfully they have great local libraries and I am now a full fledged member. I have found so many spots to read my books that I am spoilt for choice on where to go when I want to chillax and read that I am quickly working my way through books that I can share my comments on....

So hopefully this is me saying I am back on track...bring on 2010...I hope to be sharing more with you.

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