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Sunday 24 January 2010

My coffee hotspots

So places to drink coffee suddenly became important to me being here in Auckland. I think it has something to do with the time I had on my hand when I first came to Auckland and did not have a job and also to have comfy places where I could go to read my book. So I suddenly had my two 'coffee hotspots', a place where I enjoy going to relax and read, one of my favourite things. Please note that part of this definition does not include drinking good coffee but it's more about the atmosphere.

  • Starbucks in Parnell: is in the best position to catch those sun rays so sunglasses are not optional and drink of choice is usually a mocha frappacino. I have that UK mentality, you know the one where as soon as the sun shines you have to go outside and enjoy it because you never know when the sun is going to shine again. New Zealand sun does burn though so I have to be careful and put on the lotion just before heading out. Trust me I have what seems to be a permanent shorts tan from a previous experience of forgetting the suntan lotion!  

  • Alleluya Bar and Cafe: situated in the corner of St Kevin's Arcade on the k'road. Like the k'road it has that relaxed even kind of hippy atmosphere where I would be happy to just kick my shoes off. Ok so thank goodness that most days I am wearing jandals anyway. The place to go if the sun isn't really shining. Here my pick is the long black which is pretty much a long espresso here in NZ so it's strong and I usually require lots of sugar. Once I went with hubby and we sampled the sweets on offer and it was a huge slab of chocolate cake which was not to disappoint!
While these places are my hotspots, being in Auckland something that I have noticed is that cafe culture is pretty rife so there are many options of places to go. It's funny actually that Auckland is busier in the day than it is during the night I think just for that fact with maybe except for the weekend. I think everyone has lunch outside of the office surely and it is ever so tempting to join them so most times I do!

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