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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Big Ears, Little Ears with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Music is big in our household. It's not just a hobby or pastime for my husband it's a passion that can cheer him up when he's down! His CD and record collection is rather extensive and the range of music on offer is from punk to reggae to classical. My son has been listening to music since he has been in my belly, and no not just in an effort to make him smarter but we really hope he learns an appreciation for music. So our belief is that the earlier we introduce him to it the better. So how excited were we to hear that the Scottish Chamber Orchestra where doing a special concert for babies and children! What's that you say? Mummy and Daddy can enjoy it as well.

It was held at St Andrew in the Square today in Glasgow. At a baby friendly time of 11am. Everything was set up to make parents, babies and toddlers feel welcome and comfortable. There was buggy parking, baby changing and room for manoeuvring. Yet it was not your typical baby sensory, bounce and rhyme time. Even though it was child friendly it was children being able to experience a proper classical concert just well with...you know...added noise. The conductor, Howard Moody, was actually enthused by the noise, it certainly did not deter him from explaining each piece as he tried to "connect" with his audience. 

Whether my son "enjoyed" it is debatable. He did not cry and he was certainly busy observing everything that was going on. For us as parents though it was definitely a great step in building his musical repertoire even if it was more subliminal than in your face action songs or my son's favourite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

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