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Thursday 22 September 2011

The next size up

Every time I look at my son's clothes for the next size up I always can't help but think to myself  "He will never fit into that!" When he was born he was a whopping....wait for it....7lbs...okay when I was pushing he could have been 10lbs for all I knew! All the 0-3 months clothes just did not fit and out ran daddy to buy some of the much smaller newborn stuff. I guess that is where it all began where I just keep thinking he is usually about a month behind in clothes size. I don't know though if it is just because we spent the most of his 6 month on holiday in Italy but the 3-6 months stage just seemed to pass by real quick and all of a sudden his clothes just were not fitting and here we are already at the 6-9 months stage. It was so hot in Italy that he lived in onsies that he barely even got to sport all the cute t-shirts and shorts that I got him and well let us not talk about the Scottish summer. Thank goodness for all those smart relatives and friends who wisely bought him bigger clothes as presents otherwise he would have had nothing to wear. Of course as a mum you get wiser as well and try to resist the temptation of "oh that outfit would be so cute" when you know he will probably only wear it once. I have learnt to love sales and even better second hand. Now I know why so many younger siblings have suffered over the years of being stuck with your brothers and sisters hand me downs. Babies just grow too fast. 

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