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Sunday 18 September 2011

Poo monster!

My son might not be too happy that I am sharing this part of his life with you but with the good comes the bad and the ugly.Yes I have bred a poo monster.  I have not done it intentionally and guess it's all part and parcel of being a baby. Yet someone seriously needs to explain to me how someone so small can produce so much poo! Since we have started weaning it's been amazing. We get at least 4 or 5 dirty nappies a day. The health visitor asked me recently about his poo, you know how often, colour ect? and I just laughed. Well it depends on what he ate I said. She just said ok that's all I need to know. Maybe that's all you need to know and probably want to know as well. 

He'still cute anyway..........


  1. Haha!!! Ah yes the poo! It settles down I promise! Once he gets used to his new diet of solids and once the food becomes more solid so will his poo! I'm lucky my 2 do it once a day at the same time!!

  2. You get them to poo at the same time!! That is pretty impressive stuff. His poo is pretty solid now actually (the things you talk about!) sometimes like a goat! I was worried he was constipated the first time but then he kept going and going and still going lol! His face is hilarious when he needs to go.

  3. I didn't make them it just happened and from an early age! It's a phenomenon I've heard of from other people, siblings synchronised poo!! It's a pain in the bum(excuse the pun) when your eldest is calling you to wipe and you're up to your elbows in the pooey nappy of the other one. Oh the joys!!!


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