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Sunday 11 September 2011

Stop... quality time

Recently a very close friend lost her precious son who was born prematurely. I have yet to try to begin to feel or understand what she must be going through. He was a twin and now all energy is being pushed to get her to focus on her little girl who is thankfully and we pray who will continually keep growing stronger.  It made me hold my son very close all day the day I heard. I tried to smile and feel happiness all day as my son is a sensitive wee soul and picks up rather quickly on my emotions. Inside I was crying. It was one of those days when I really felt far away from "home". 

These days my son is always on the move...rolling onto his front, then back onto his back and again onto his front to the point where I am now seriously considering installing some soft play mats against the wall to stop the inevitable head butt which is bound to happen. Then this evening we had a moment...he stopped. He lay on my lap with his feet in the air happily singing to himself enjoying my kisses and cuddles. No trying to wiggle away which inevitably usually happens these days. Hubby put on some classical music and went to make the tea. I started blowing some bubbles for my son and for some reason today he became extra transfixed and sat close with mummy watching them float into the air. 

After recently spending many weeks with the grandparents and relishing the now rare occasion to spend time alone with hubby it's been a while since it's been just me and my son. I know he is going to grow fast (he already is) and now more than ever I understand the need to stop....and enjoy quality time.

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