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Thursday 29 September 2011

The evil eye

So since becoming a mum I appear to have perfected the evil eye. You know when you glare intently and rather angrily at a stranger or heck maybe even someone you know. You see I have certain expectations of other people when I am out and about with my son and if these expectations are not lived up to well I give them the evil eye. I am not a big fan of shopping on Saturday's as you have to manoeuvre through a pedestrian traffic jam. The thing is I thought that pushing a stroller/pram/buggy gave you the right of way...obviously I am the only one who read that part of the highway code! Most buildings have stairs, escalators or lifts (I say most because I am yet to find a flat that we like where we don't have to combat stairs to go out or come home) and you should only use the lifts when you need to and NOT just for convenience so I have to join a cue...obviously a rule I only abide by. I won't talk about taking public transport. I worked with children with disabilities so I was half prepared and at least never had any expectations there....Wow! It feels very sad to write that. It has reached the point that if someone offers to do something for me I am rather dumbfounded and something else I have perfected...stare at them in bewilderment...Are you sure you want to help us?

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