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Friday 16 September 2011

Friday song choice

Friday has a way of creeping up on me and worse when you have been stuck in bed all day with the cold...hence it is rather late in the day when I realise damn I have neglected to post my Friday song choice. This is a special song choice today. You see my mother said to me the other day that she hopes I am planning to teach my son about Jamaica as "He needs to know about where he comes from!". Of course her close friend's daughter lives in Canada and is teaching her little girls all about Jamaica and they know that it is a small island in the Caribbean sea. Chat bout! Of course I am going to teach my son something about Jamaica. I tried to look about Jamaican children songs but did not get very far with that for some. Then I remembered this song as a part of my childhood...I had to dance to it when I was in prep school for the Christmas Concert even...and who better to sing it that Miss Lou. So here you go...

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