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Tuesday 7 January 2014

"I want to do cutting!"

Yes this is my wee man using scissors all on his own. It's actually a favourite past time and an art that he seems to be perfecting. He insists to do it himself without any assistance as well. Any involvement of help on our part is met with heavy resistance and usually ends in tears. 

He likes to cut the paper sometimes into really small pieces getting so close to his fingertips.  He knows they are sharp and that they will hurt him. He is certainly not allowed to move freely about with them. He definitely does not intentionally want to cut himself or poke anyone's eyes out but geez my heart. I fought the impulse to grab them away from him for a while. Now I have the mantra "Watch your fingers" which I should probably just put on record. 

It's interesting how long this activity can hold his attention as well. Trust me amazing for my wee man. We have always thought that my wee man presented as very orientated towards the arts and I actually now have invested building up a box of arts supplies. 

I love seeing the creativity of at Red Ted Art and The Imagination Tree. I have tried to steer the cutting enthusiasm towards grander projects but at the moment though he is happiest with just a huge box of paper and a pair of scissors.


  1. That's brilliant skills. I've recently let z use some scissors as I realised I never let him. He keeps using two hands at the moment :)

  2. yep my kids favourite activity is cutting paper into millions of small pieces for mummy to sweep or vacuum up after!!

  3. Cutting with a scissors is SUCH an adventure for them x

  4. Well he looks very confident with them. Little A loves scissors too! X

  5. He's a pro! I can't imagine mine using scissors but the day will come all too quick! ;) x

  6. I let Ozzy loose with scissors the other day - reluctantly too I must say. It dawned on me that he's using the small mental ones at school so I should give him a bit of credit and trust that he wouldn't lop off hid fringe.
    He didn't - he loved it.
    Kitty did manage to cut a hole in her leggings and a chunk from her fringe though! KIDS!

    He really does look like he's enjoying that cutting x

  7. Oh gosh this is lovely to see :) I can't wait until B is old enough for us to craft together! xx


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