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Friday 24 January 2014

His Two Loves

I should probably start with a disclaimer that my wee man's first love is chocolate! When I ask him what he wants for his birthday...a chocolate egg!

When my wee man woke up this morning I nipped into bed beside him and asked what we were going to do today? His answer "I want to go to the library." I'll be honest that is a proud mummy moment for me. It's great his love of books. He shows genuine excitement when he gets to the library and we sit and read through several books together. I'm not that bad at reading a good story I might add and try with voices and all.

On the way home we get an additional request "I want to play outside". It's funny but there are certain requests I actually feel bad in denying. So we nipped to the park on the way home.


It's mornings like these I want to really member and treasure. A perfect balance of educational fun. It puts the tiring and stressful days into perspective. It's the reasons why I only want to work part time so I can share these early days with my son. Taking part in his growing and learning is really important to me. It all happens so fast and there is no slowing it down.  

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. He looks really involved it's great to see. My boy just runs around the library #CountryKids

  2. It's lovely that the Wee Man has a love of books and the great outdoors, both very educational and fun for mind and body. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  3. I think our two boys have a lot in common, my little man loves a trip to the library and won't settle at night without at least 2-3 books. That park looks amazing - I love the trampoline :)

    Laura x

  4. Beautiful photos! My little man loves the library and playgrounds as well. And chocolate, of course!

  5. You've just inspired me to write a post - I have linked to you in it. Wow he is getting so incredibly tall. Looks like a "boy" now - no more the toddler eh.
    Love that our boys love reading xx


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