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Monday 16 May 2011

21st May 2011

I just wanted to say that this is actually my husbands birthday and I just think that it is funny that it coincides with the supposed date when the world is going to end. The first time I heard this was when it was being 'advertised' by a religious group on the streets of Glasgow. I don't really understand why someone thinks that a good way to 'sell' your religion is by scaring people into it. The fact that you have to do that to me means that the people who join possibly aren't truly that religious at all just desperate. To change your life simply because of the inevitability of death seems to be changing your life only out of fear. To me personally it is limiting, some of us aren't bold enough to face our fears and instead just give up. I hope there is more that will drive us to change or to live our lives to the fullest. Is it cheesy to talk about love of others, our family and friends. At the minute my focus for change, living life to the fullest is simply life itself as I have a little one who I am helping nurture and grow.

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