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Thursday 12 May 2011

So I have a baby journal

 Well recently the grandparents visited and of course this is the time to hear what I was like when I was a baby. My mom had twins first so when I arrived it was all a bit too easy for her it seemed. I believe her words were she couldn't understand how people could complain when they just had one. Well I don't know any different so I hope my son is able to forgive me when I admit that I complained. I had an easy personality it seems which must have helped...so that kind of makes me feel better. LOL. My mom was reminiscing about how me and her used to go out and about all the time together. Of course them times was different too. Safety did not seem to be as big a deal now and she would drive around with me sitting in one of these plastic seats in the front sometimes without a seatbelt...shocking! I was good at sleeping as well. The only time I ever gave problems was when I had to sleep in someone else's bed....so the first time they took me to England to visit family was a bit of a problem...kept them up all night it seemed. What can I say but that to this day I still prefer my own bed. It's great to hear all these stories and I am sure as my son grows and we build memories together I am going to be learning a lot about me and how I grew up. 

What you realise is that it's true...it all happens so fast...growing up. When did my son first smile? When did he first coo at me? So a close friend gave me a baby journal to record all the special moments and I certainly am trying my best to do it.

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