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Monday 23 May 2011

Tricks of the trade

So this is not a post for all those mummies out there who got their babies into a routine from 6 weeks and had them sleeping through the night by 10 weeks! This is more a post for mummies like me who are sometimes baby led and sometimes parent led. Who goes to bounce and rhyme on a Monday at 1.30 even though baby should be sleeping, wakes him up for swimming at 10am on a Tuesday and then hopes that he sleeps through mass at 10am on a Sunday! Who has to go out and do shopping, attend appointments for him and her all of which she knows he will sleep through even if he should be awake....try as she might to coordinate said outings with his sleep schedule! Whose baby is 3 months and is still not sleeping through the night but I remember what he used to be like and am thankful for the huge improvements he has been making anyway. So what has helped us on our haphazard way..........

White Noise......it used to be doing the washing when I wanted him to take a nap during the day....then Aunty Julie sent us the dolphin soft toy which plays the white noise....it goes on religiously every night and try as he might he can't fight it....of course it used to be every time it stopped he would start but slowly he doesn't anymore....huge improvement!

The pacifier, the dummy, the soother....whatever you want to call it...I sometimes refer to it as the plug....great for day time nights and when you are out and about (Church!) to keep the peace and hope he goes for a little sleep. I remember when at first he used to just spit it out  but now he sucks contentendly...huge improvement (for me anyway!).

Then there are days like today when you know he is tired....you are tired....and you turn on the dolphin and stick in the dummy...the boy has no hope...sleep! It's great when you learn little tricks of the trade.

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  1. brilliant, well done! Just so you know mine weren't sleeping through the night at 3 months! I had fairly good sleepers, but not that good!!


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