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Monday 30 May 2011

Parenting Forums

So I have to admit that I have not given up my addiction for parenting/baby websites. Actually since I found out about my pregnancy I have been a member of babycentre. At first it was just to see how my son was developing when he was 'the bean'. It is very fascinating to know what is going on in there and it was kind of surreal at times to know my wee man was growing in there...I know it is scientific but it all feels so miraculous...anyway I digress!

So I discovered I kept getting all these message updates of people chatting on the boards of the birth group I was a member of.  Then well you know you would feel strange symptoms or sometimes I would feel nothing at all and you get stupidly worried and you search the internet to find out if people are feeling the same things and before you know it you are not only joining a group online but start asking questions just to check everything is going ok. I mean why would I trust what the health professionals were telling me. You see that is what is so fascinating about these forums...the questions people ask each other and then they trust that the answers they get are probably right! I understood during pregnancy because you only saw your midwife so often and then sometimes for some people it could be a different one and you never really build up a relationship. Once you have a baby though it starts getting a bit surreal. It's not just 

Amazing baby sleeps through the night. 

My baby slept in it's cot for the first time. 

It's not just advice though about how you get your baby to..........but it's also my baby just had his jabs and I think he has a fever what should I do? Surely your health visitor should have explained it to you when you went to get your jabs...mine did! The best was when a mum thought her baby swallowed a battery and was asking if she should go to A&E or was she being stupid...I mean was she then hanging around for an answer before she went! The best is that other mother's are replying like there is nothing strange about this. Then it gets even better when they start asking each other about the sex...I mean not just who is having it but quite graphic conversations of how well or not so well it is going...I was getting kind of embarrassed Lol.

But I can't judge because I am a member and check the boards most days...what do they say...Mum's know best!

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  1. the forum i'm a member of and check everyday is just like this! It is very funny what some people will ask complete strangers and the answers they get, however it can be very useful too. It is strangely addictive too...


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