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Wednesday 4 May 2011

On Being Mum

So finally I am going to try and get back to writing my blog. I can't keep using the excuse of being mum...can I? Well...maybe. I follow a blog of a young woman who was pregnant the same time as me and only after 3 weeks she was posting beautiful photos of her baby regaling her beauty and of course waxing very lyrical of all the love she felt. Damn! it took me at least 6 weeks to post pictures on facebook!!! As for waxing lyrical, well.......

I'm sorry but motherhood is hard work. Yes I love every minute of it (well most minutes anyway) and yes I love my son, but damn it's hard work! Nothing as well can prepare you for it either...unfair I say. So the first thing you notice is how quickly the day goes by, and then suddenly the second thing you notice once you think about it is that the day has gone by and you have not done much! Well except for feed my son, change my son and then fight to put him to sleep.

They kept telling me it would get easier...I never believed them...but I guess now it is. Maybe easier is not the right word so much as getting used to what motherhood is all about. Especially when you realise that most mothers experience the same things. What happens is that most people just don't talk about the hard stuff outside the private mum's circle so you never really know until you join it! So now that I have joined what have I honestly experienced....

  • Frustration at the books and all their advice...chuck them and burn them I say....stop worrying about everything so much...I hate when I hear myself use the word routine now....and I have to stop comparing my son to what other babies are doing at his age (he will eventually sleep through the night...I hope!).

  • Stopping following those pregnancy and baby forums on the internet...everyone has something to say and everyone thinks something different...and it can make you feel guilty about the path you have decided to travel.

  • I had to stop myself rushing my son to grow up and take time to notice the little stuff. "Oh my gosh he has eyebrows now!" and "Wow his eyelashes have grown" and the best one..."When did my son become so well endowed!" Enjoy his smiles and his cute gurgles.

  • I have a new title now and it's called MUMMY and yes it's hard work but damn I love it!

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  1. glad you're back writing again! I agree it's not necessarily easier, in fact its never easy. But you get better at it as you learn, and once you know what to expect it gets better.
    My best advice would be, everything is a phase! It will pass! SO yes he will sleep through the night, who knows when, but it will happen!
    Big kisses for the little bambino!


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