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Sunday 8 May 2011

Bad habits!

So my son has started to find his hands...great...except that it seems to involve him putting them in his mouth and he seems determined to be able to suck his thumb. I try now desperately to replace his thumb with a pacifier...I can eventually get rid of the pacifier in the future even if it may be with tears and screaming but I can't exactly get rid of his thumb! The reason why it bothers me so much...well ok I admit it...I was a thumb sucker until I was maybe 10 years old!!! Whatever my parents tried...I have lovely memories of them putting some horrid tasting stuff on my thumb...into my mouth it went. It's not just the fact though that it involves a thumb in your mouth, it was the dribbling saliva as well....GROSS....but I loved it! It of course meant that my front teeth not only stuck out but I had a huge gap in between my two front teeth....my party trick was sticking my tongue in between. My parents then had to cough up for braces when I was in my early teens. Love me Love my Headgear used to be my mantra. 

So I really hope my son does not take after me when it comes to bad habits....because I was a serial bed wetter and scared of the dark as well!

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  1. I think the dummy is better than the thumb too. We managed to get rid of Laila and Max's at about 6/7 months old and Laila's teeth are pretty much perfect, Max's are still growing ;-). I don't like seeing 3 yr olds with dummies and the gap in their teeth when they don't have it :-(
    My brother used to bite his nails and my parents desperately tried the stuff you put on the nails to stop him, he just licked it off and carried on LOL!


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