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Saturday 7 May 2011

What's your son's ancestry?

Well the answer to that question was relatively easy for us when the midwife asked....mixed. Well we did have to think about it for a little bit I guess but that certainly was the easiest answer. He has a Jamaican mother, an Italian father, concieved in New Zealand and born in Scotland (I just added the concieved in NZ cause it sounds kind of cool).

Technically when people ask him where he comes from he should say Scotland. Ironically for me though I want him to recognise his Jamaican and Italian, roots, heritage, or whatever you want to call it. I say ironically though because I have met people who insist they are Jamaican but then you find out that they were very much born in the UK and only have Jamaican parents...the worst are those who have never even visited the island...and it drives me crazy. Then again I don't want my son necessarily to say that he is Italian or Jamaican...heaven knows what I would do if he decided to say one instead of the other and if he used it as an excuse to grow dreadlocks and smoke the herb I would be tempted to 'kill' him...but just to acknowledge that his parents having come from there influenced a bit the way he was brought up. 

Saying all that I am not quite sure how I plan to raise my son in a Jamaican or Italian manner. Let's just hope he appreciates good food, good music and at least can speak Italian.

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