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Thursday 16 June 2011

What is it about 4 months......

that makes me say "when he was a baby"?

Maybe it's because my little man is starting to change so much it's just rather amazing to watch. We find ourselves reminiscing already on the way things used to be with my son.

Maybe it's because he is now starting to show an interest in his toys, grasping at things, shoving everything into his mouth.

Maybe it's the way he is actually now lifting his head up during tummy time and not just sucking his thumb and eating the carpet.

Maybe it's because of the way he smiles and chatters with his mummy, and everyone else as well so I kind of feel jealous cause I thought it was just for me.

Maybe it's the way he seems so big now in my arms. I look at other babies younger than him and can't remember him being so small. So I find myself looking back at the pictures of the first days in shock!

Maybe it is because yes I feel a bit more in control now and my little man is not in charge all the time, though he still is most of the time. Sometimes I even find myself now offering other people advice.

What in the world am I going to be saying when he reaches 6 months!

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