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Friday, 24 June 2011

The Friday song choice

Ok last week we did not have the Friday song choice as I was gearing up for a friends wedding that day...I know all day...only the second night I have taken my son out and you never know how it is going to go...is he going to nap...do we come home early for a proper bedtime or stay out and hope he sleeps there...questions that make me realise I wish we had access to a babysitter!

Anyway this week we have a Friday song choice but it is kind of different. I guess it follows on from thoughts on my previous posts. Not only do we read lots to my son but we sing lots as well and everyday I am learning a new one. Like did you know that you don't only row the boat down the stream, but down a river, creek, puddle and to the shore as well?!?! I think slowly my son is starting to recognise a few from the constant reptition of certain ones like Pop a little pancake into the pan and Roly poly and Round and round the garden. Then there are Scottish tunes as well and this one is a favourite...

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