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Tuesday 28 June 2011

When the sun shines in Scotland..........

 Ok no wise cracks already that the sun never shines in Scotland...it does but yes I do agree not that very often and for hubby and me not often enough. So when it does you get into the habit, as other fellow Scottish inhabitants, to go out and enjoy it. People suddenly appear out of the woodwork and are everywhere. The point is though that just because the sun is shining does not necessarily mean it is warm. This never seems to defeat the Scottish though who still head out in their shorts and t-shirts and sandals. Actually I swear the Scottish have different blood flowing through their systems as they do the same some days in winter as well!!! Then when the sun shines and its warm as well the Scottish men can't help themselves but additionally have to walk around town with their t-shirts off like they are down the beach....put your clothes on I want to shout or go to the beach. Yes there are beaches in Scotland some actually quite beautiful, unfortunately some of the popular ones not so nice. 

A little digression actually.........my mother remembers my first experience as a child of going to the beach down south and being SO excited stripping off and racing to the water only to very quickly race back again. Yes not surprisingly the water remains very cold and I shiver just watching the children playing in the water. 

So summer is now officially here in Scotland and all it's mostly done for the majority so far is rain. Today the sun dared to show it's face but alas only for a little while as the clouds deemed it too bright for Glasgow. So I am afraid I can't be like the Scottish but make sure to walk around with my jacket and usually shoes and socks.

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