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Wednesday 29 June 2011

No sudden movements please

So seriously I was sure that if a bomb exploded and there was shouting, screaming, fire engines, police my son would just sleep through it all completely unconcerned. Well that was then and this is now. I used to be able to say that my son would only cry if he was really hungry or if he was tired. Otherwise he was pretty much unconcerned with it all and smiles all around thank you very much. Obviously though as he grows his personality is starting to get a bit more complex and some fussy highlights are starting to emerge! To be expected I guess after all he is a baby and supposedly they are not happy all the time....suddenly mummy has to work harder. The best development though is his reactions to certain loud noises. Thankfully with some he will only flinch, if it's a great clamour then you are looking at least 1/2 hour to settle him. Please tell me though that some of it is just a phase as recently you can't even sneeze in this household.

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  1. sounds like he's a sensitive little soul, bless him. Might not be just a phase, this might be his character. I don't have much experience in this field, the only noise that freaked Laila out and still does actually is hand driers in public toilets. I always warn her there is going to be a noise and keep her close by me until it's over, this also goes for the food processor, always give them warning! This should give you a great excuse not to vacuum anyway!!!


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