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Thursday 30 June 2011

What a head of hair!!!

So when people see my son I usually get two comments. 

The first: "Awww what a beautiful baby". Now I am biased so I would definitely have to agree with said statement. It's a statement that you expect from the grandparents and trust me they say it ALL the time. I usually just assume that people are being nice...you know all babies are beautiful. The other day though I was in a store and a sales assistant as they sometimes do was 'just being nosy' and had a peek at my son and out came said statement and of course I had to agree explaining my bias. She continued though to say, 'No honestly, I have seen a lot of babies come through this store and he is truly beautiful.' Then when I was leaving she actually thanked me for coming in and showing her my 'beautiful boy'! I'll let you be the judge.....

The second: "What a head of hair!" According to the old wives tale if you suffer from heartburn then you are going to have a hairy baby...I suffered! Every time I see the health visitor she can't help but exclaim about the hair. One of our first times at the book bug session I was approached by the session leader who appeared not to be able to help but stroke my son's hair. I kept being told after he was born that he would probably loose it all so I wake up every morning expecting to find said hair all over his cot sheet....I'm still waiting. I was thinking that maybe I should contact Johnson baby and see if they were interested in using him for their shampoo ads.

Whatever people say I just think he is perfect!

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  1. he IS beautiful and DOES have gorgeous hair, I agree!


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